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Taffer Computers is in the business of bringing people and ideas together. We are a passionate, honest company built on Orthodox Christian values with a strong sense of not only our own faith but bringing boundless enthusiasm and desire to making things we can all be proud of. We do good work. Better, we do great work. Our company believes as a team that people can achieve more together than they ever can as individuals. Success comes from learning about one another and sharing new ideas to best grow as a business.

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Testimonial & Featured Clients

  • I would like to formally address and acknowledge the fine work of Taffer Computers. The proposal that they submitted completely covered every aspect of exactly what we needed for SynReg. During the course of this year, the team of experts at Taffer Computers helped bring an idea, to a fully formulated corporation positioned to impact various industries for years to come. Our partnership is exactly that, a partnership. But it is more than that, we not only count them as colleagues but as friends as well. As we grow with many more innovative applications on various platforms, we will always utilize the talents of Taffer Computers. They have been easy to work with, handle all our needs, and are always available whenever we need them. Most of all, they work with your budget and are super affordable. We highly recommend them.

    Synergy Real Estate Group – John Galaxidas, CEO
  • I am writing this letter to attest to the superb performance of Taffer Computers. They assisted our company in creating an elegant website to cater to our business community. Since Taffer Computers took over our SEO services we have seen a remarkable improvement in google ranking and web traffic. It has increased our business two fold. We went from page 12 for Church Bonds, Church Financing, and Church Leasing to the first page. THE FIRST PAGE!!!! We highly recommend Taffer Computers as a web developer and SEO specialist.

    Tremendous company to work with, their staff is phenomenal, entirely professional, and helpful! Quick to respond and fun to work with! You really need to hire these guys. You won’t be sorry.

    Share Financial Services, Inc – Martin Northern
  • Taffer Computers really added a lot of flair to my site. They showed us options we did not even know existed, and always responded to our design desires with respect and professionalism. Their staff always answered any questions we had and worked on our site as if we were their only client, but the truth is they had four or five other site designs they were working on at the same time. They are not only professional, but they have the friendliest staff we have ever worked with. They made us feel like family. They don’t force you over budget, and they care about making your site perfect for you. They not only built our website but they offered us a solution for our security cameras, network and computers. So the next time you are thinking your website could use a face lift, you need a new website, and/or you want a full IT solution, look to Taffer Computers. They are truly affordable and a real gem to work with.

    Kyklos Greek Cafe – Sophocles Frangakis

Our Work

One of our many passions is building and designing your brand, translating it into an amazing online experience. Need a Website? A Business Card? A Flyer? A Poster? An Invite for your next event? We are experts at both programing and graphic design. Please take a look below at some of our excellent work.

Our Services

Striving for simplicity isn’t easy. We take on complex problems to create elegant and realistic results. We believe that user experience is everything and we generate that value by putting people first. No business, website, or person is the same. We don’t hide behind any jargon, we tailor solutions directly for your needs. In other words, we prefer to tell you how things are in plain English. Everything we do is designed for people by people. We hope we can service you today and let’s begin a fruitful relationship for you and your business.

One of our many passions is building and designing your brand, translating it into an amazing online experience. We also believe you should have control of your website so we develop Custom Content Management Systems as well as adapt existing systems to work best for your business needs.


Have a great idea for an app? We can help you build it! Or maybe your website needs to be updated to run on smartphones? Phones have taken over the internet and no business can survive online without some kind of mobile presence. Let us help you bring this vital piece to your business.


You can have a great looking website but if no one sees it, it is a waste. We offer a customized “Best for Your Brand – Your Needs” marketing strategy that not only works, but will help you grow your business. We can fully optimize (SEO) your website to industry standards and setup and maintain a social online presence.


There is nothing more that can irritate your clients, users, and potential business opportunities more than a site that runs slowly or is insecure. This never has to be a problem for you as we offer various solutions to help your website run smoothly and without trouble for you.


We want to build a great relationship with you. So whenever you need to chat about your business’ online presence, or need a meticulous and thorough examination of your existing site, or even providing in-house training for your staff, we are there for you and your business.


Developing your business can be tough. Sometimes your technology needs get pushed to the side because you don’t know where to start. We offer consulting services, for any size business to help you grow or even establish your tech department.

Our Team

While the company is run by a clergy member of the Orthodox Church in America and holds to the tenant of that faith in its business practices, this does not mean that we discriminate against any person or group. However, this does mean that we do not design websites that we feel are contrary to the teachings of the Orthodox faith. That means we will not design porn websites, websites promoting abortion, same sex marriage, and capital punishment. Taffer Computers takes no political stand; however, we do stand by these certain principles and ethics. We will always give you the best work we can and look forward to working with you.
  • Rev. Fr. Stephen Osburn Jr.
    CEO, Marketing & Project Manager, Lead Consultant
    From the Fall of 2012 to the Summer of 2015, our CEO, The Rev. Father Stephen Osburn Jr., a Priest in the Eastern Orthodox Church completed a masters degree in Divinity at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in Yonkers, NY. While still maintaining Taffer Computers, he decided to pursue a calling he has felt since he was a child – to pursue to Orthodox priesthood. But that doesn’t stop him from working with you on your technology needs. He has been involved in technology, web design, mobile applications, consulting, internet marketing for over 15 years. He is honest, trustworthy and excited to work with you.
  • Lindsey Osburn
    Photographer, Sales Rep
    Lindsey Osburn is the photographer for Taffer Computers. She started her career in 2010 by taking photo shoots of her own family before being asked to do weddings, baptisms, and other various events and venues. Her natural talent for catching that special moment allows for each photo to hold a special memory. She is the wife of CEO, Dn. Stephen and offers her talents by helping with sales and various photoshoots for businesses looking to highlight their business’ presence online and in person. You also check out her website at Linzee Dove Photography.
  • Waqar Hussain
    Senior / Lead Software Enginer, Project Manager
    Since 1994, Waqar became one of the best and leading software engineers in the world. He has won many awards including the Best Software Competition Award at Digital Computer Institute, Mardan. He is always learning and exploring new techniques and programming structures to achieve his goals and that of his clients. Waqar is a devout Muslim, Waqar believes that success comes from faith in God and striving to live by those means. Besides his professional career, he focuses on being a devout husband and loving father to a young daughter, traveling and watching movies, hanging out with friends and family. He leads the development team at Taffer Computers as lead programmer and engineer.
  • Rufus Behr
    Junior Software Developer (Intern)
  • David Tzertzinis

    David Tzertzinis
    Internet Marketer/Writer
  • Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Junior Software Developer (Intern)

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