Our Story at Taffer Computers

We are Taffer Computers, not just a tech company but a team. We love innovation and work hard with our clients for success. Our honesty and values come from our Orthodox Christian faith. This faith teaches us about community and doing our best work. So, we always aim for top results.

Building Success, Together

What Makes Us Special?

We love technology at Taffer Computers. It brings people and ideas together. Our team is honest and sticks to our Orthodox Christian values. This means we always try for the best, not just good work. We want our efforts to really help our clients.


Years of Operation


Projects Delivered


Network of Developers, Designers, Branding, and Marketing Experts


Happy Clients

Commitment to Our Clients

Is What Makes Us Different

Our team at Taffer Computers is deeply passionate about technology. We are committed to always learning, which keeps us at the leading edge of the tech world. This means we are always equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to develop the most fitting and effective solutions for our clients.

Strong and lasting relationships are essential to us. We prioritize understanding your needs, worries, and hopes. This client-focused approach lets us craft solutions tailored to your unique circumstances and future objectives. We cherish working together, aiming to build partnerships that last well beyond a single project. Our main goal is to have a significant and positive impact on your business. We focus on results, dedicating ourselves to making sure your technology solutions support real growth, improve efficiency, and enhance your competitive position. Rely on Taffer Computers for open and honest communication, dependable service, and a commitment to surpass your expectations.


30+ Years of Experience

Our team at Taffer Computers loves technology deeply. We have been making websites since the internet began, even before the times of Geocities and Homestead. Our skilled team has seen technology change with their own eyes and has learned a lot from it.


100+ Projects Completed

Taffer Computers has finished more than 100 projects with great teamwork. We work with many different clients. This includes big companies like Caster Citer, known as the best caster maker in the USA, and well-known people like David Bollea, Hulk Hogan’s nephew, and even big names like Berkshire Hathaway in Las Vegas. We work together with other companies too. This makes sure your project gets the smartest ideas out there. What we achieve? Creative solutions that go beyond what you expect.


40+ Clients

More than 40 clients have been helped by Taffer Computers. We give them beautiful websites, good branding, and plans that help them grow. We work closely with each one to really understand what they need. We craft digital experiences that help you to do well. Let’s make your brand’s story shine together.

Rooted in Faith, Reaching for Excellence: Our Mission

Our belief drives how we work with technology at Taffer Computers. We think it’s important to have strong, working relationships based on truth and doing the right thing. These are big parts of what we believe in. Our love for technology comes from wanting to help and lift businesses up. We use the latest tech thoughts and focus on getting results to make beautiful websites, good branding, and plans that make your business grow. Let’s create a future together that’s full of new ideas and based on values we both believe in.


Beyond Technology, Building Relationships: Our Vision

At Taffer Computers, our path is lit by faith. Our CEO, Fr. Stephen, brings Christian values into our work. These values are honesty, working together, and aiming for the best. But our team is made up of people with many beliefs. We have Christians, Agnostics, Muslims, and Mormons. We think this diversity makes us stronger. It helps us respect each other and connect with many kinds of clients. We create amazing things together. We see ourselves as your tech partner who cares deeply about your success. We are dedicated to providing the newest tech solutions.

We hold certain principles close. This means there are some projects we choose not to take. We do not work with clients who support anything related to abortion and/or LGBT+ issues.

Our Team

Fr. Stephen Osburn

CEO, Lead Project Manager, & Developer

Zach Argyle

Head of SEO Department

James Taylor

Head of International Marketing Department

Torrey Stephenson

Head of Project Management Department & AI Expert

Claire Myers-Rolls

Head of Web App Department & Figma Designer

Matias Pallante

Head of Server Administration Department

Rufus Behr

Head of Project Development Department

Megan Southerns

Head of Customer Service Department

Lindsey Osburn

Head of Sales Department

Joanna Ramirez

Head of HR Department

Piyush Ravel

International Office Head

Qaiser Munir

Senior Project Manager & Developer

Waleed Khalid

Senior Project Manager & Figma Designer

Fiaz Ahmad

Senior Project Manager & Developer

Leonid Taras

Junior Project Manager & Developer

Waqar Hussain

Junior Project Manager & Developer

Muhammad Cheema

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Muhammad Awais Bilal

WordPress & Frontend Developer

Sadaqat Husain

WordPress, PHP, & Frontend Developer

Yaseen Zafar

WordPress Developer

Siddiqur Rahman

Head of Data Entry

Stephanie Lowder

Lead Brand Manager